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Field Environmental Development
  • FIELD's"Pride in Homebuilding"

Homebuilding is building one-of-a-kind homes that reflect the personalities of the people who will be living in a better living environment.

Everybody is talking about “eco homes” but what are they? Do you relate with the recent way homes are being built by just reflecting the ideas of architects?

Our staff has extensive experience selling homes as well as building them, so they take pride in their design and construction to propose residences that will be homes to our customers in the true sense of the word.

We plan and develop our homes to make maximum use of limited land while giving careful consideration to the living environment. We develop the plans from 2D to 3D and rethink them as often as necessary until you are satisfied.

We focus not only on the home’s structure but also on the comfort of the people living there to propose a suitable home in terms of the living, energy saving, health, and building health environments, which is the true meaning of homebuilding.

Looking for a home often begins with looking for a building site and we propose sites taking into consideration the current living environment so there is no burden on your family. We offer this service as a matter of course so that we can help you smoothly make the move without ruining the living environment you have created.

It all begins when you start living in your home. It won’t be pleasant to live in if there are many unknowns like “What should I do about this?” or “What kind of maintenance is required?” But you need not worry about that. Our staff has extensive experience with homes and the area and they are there whenever you need them to help out.

We specialize in the area, so we can offer the advice you need to live without worry, so please let us know your concerns and complaints right away so that we can resolve them.

During our annual “home inspection” we carefully observe how the home is being used and the condition it is in. Management is carefully observing how the home holds up over time and at times gives advice so that you can continue enjoying your home for many, many years, which is our hope.

Masaru Okuizumi
Field Environmental Development Co., Ltd.