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This is homebuilding that adds the universal design concept to our “fastidious” method of house construction.
Our “fastidiousness” means your “pleasant experience.” Your “pleasant experience” means your new home appeals to all five of your senses. You can experience FEEL UD in all of the ready-built homes of Field Environmental Development, such as being pleasing to look at, nice to the touch, the refreshing air, the warmth, the unconscious good operability, the quiet doors, and the warmth of the wood.

Field's Original Construction Method We build homes that are cool in the summer, warm in the winter, secure, and comfortable.

Field’s metal fitting earthquake-resistant construction method
(HSS Frame)

This method uses metal fittings in the joints of conventional wooden framework homes to improve earthquake resistance.
Using metal fittings in the frame joints, a weak point in conventional wooden home construction, successfully overcomes this weak point.
Further, using structural panels reinforces the framework and integrates the wall to further improve earthquake resistance.

Field’s exterior application insulation method
(Exterior application insulation “SHIELDS”)

Adding the exterior application insulation to the metal fitting earthquake resistance method adds full-fledged environmental consideration to the home.
The entire structure is covered with triple-layer thermal insulation sheets to keep the outside air from contacting the building frame to always keep the interior of the structure at a set temperature. This greatly reduces the formation of condensation, the natural enemy of houses, to prevent corrosion and rotting of the important structural components of your home. This exterior application insulation not only provides thermal insulation but improves the durability of the structure.

Field’s airtight construction

This construction method further improves the airtightness of the exterior applied insulation construction method.
Radiant airtight sheets are applied to the structural walls to improve the airtightness. The airtight tape used on the exterior keeps humidity from the exterior while the wall with the radiant action faces the house interior. The interior warmth or coolness is reflected back inside and not allowed to escape. This prevents excessive use of air conditioning to conserve power.

Field’s roof insulation construction method
(Roof insulation “FLAT”)

The entire roof is covered with thermal insulation material to improve the living environment by preventing heat from escaping or entering the house.
In general homes, the warm air inside the house easily escapes through the roof and leaves the interior cold no matter how much you heat it. By covering the entire roof the heat is prevented from escaping and is radiated inside to protect your home from the cold. On hot summer days, this functions in the reverse by preventing the heat from being transmitted inside the house to completely eliminate humid heat upstairs and create an amazingly comfortable environment.

Field Environmental Development’s “Next House-Zero Emission”

Our concept of “Next House” is the development of eco homes with superior cost-performance.
Our “Square Field Series” ready-built homes use the basic homebuilding concept that is the premise for “Next House.”
This homebuilding significantly reduces the electricity used by your family and allows us to propose “recycling-based homes” that generate the electricity they consume. Adding the “recycling-based home” concept to that of the “environmentally friendly home” concept as set the standard for zero emissions. The “self-production, self-consumption” concept is preparing the way for the homes of the future.

Field Equipment and Specifications We are providing smart equioment and services with you to realize the Field UD.


Smart Door 5 Points

  1. Grand height doors that reach up to the ceiling provide a bright, open space.
  2. Fine motion function automatically and quietly closes the doors.
  3. EB coating technology makes the material surface resistant to scuffing, dirt, and fading from sunlight.
  4. Chrome finish adds style to levers and handles.
  5. Pivot adjustment hinges makes it possible to remove the doors with one touch.

All of the closets reach all the way up to the ceiling to make it easy to store and remove items.

Eco System

We propose an “eco life” as you become accustomed to your home.
Our ready-built Square Field Series homes use the exterior application insulation SHIELDS and roof insulation FLAT to keep the interior air conditioning comfortable. This lets you enjoy an “eco life” without the hassle.
Hot water is provided by Tokyo Gas’ highly efficient TES water heater “ECO JOZU” to provide comfortable living with floor heating and other amenities. LED lighting is used on common areas for further energy savings.
Experience the fully integrated eco living for resources consumed by a family (air conditioning, hot water, lighting) of the ready-built Square Field Series homes.